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Shuttleworth Coralville Office

April 3, 2018

As many of you know, the Shuttleworth partners approved the opening of an additional office for our firm in Coralville. Our new office will be on the top floor of an office building on the Coralville strip at 327 2nd St. Our target date to open the office is August 1 or sooner. A press release and other social media posting will probably not occur until sometime next month. While our plans are not a secret, please refrain from any public postings about our plans until we have issued our press release. We believe this is an important strategic step for the continued growth and vitality of our firm. This new location will be marketed as an additional full-service location and will position the firm to grow our market share in Eastern Iowa. Bill Daly, Terri Davis, Jon Landon and Kristen Shaffer will have their offices in the Coralville location when we open, and Rachel Miller will be based in the Coralville office. Also, as a reminder, Betsy Souer and Sarah Thielen will be joining us this summer as our newest lawyers and will be based in our Cedar Rapids office. Our new southern location is simply an extension of our physical space and will be organized to allow a great deal of interaction between our two locations. We will have flex space in Cedar Rapids for attorneys based in Coralville, and similarly we will have flex space in Coralville to allow our lawyers based in Cedar Rapids to use the Coralville office from time to time. During the spring, we will provide updates regarding our plans and the build out of the Coralville space. In the meantime, please contact any board member or Jeff Workman with questions.

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