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Something’s Phishy: Protecting You and Your Business from Online Fraud

June 15, 2017

The recent “WannaCry” attack overseas serves as a reminder to make sure your business is taking appropriate proactive steps to protect your data and your network from malicious cyber-attacks. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently published “Phishing” Fraud: How to Avoid Getting Fried by Phony Phishermen that discusses common methods used by fraudsters trying to steal valuable information about you or your business. I’ve listed a few of the ways the SEC noted that the fraudster may use to get your employees/staff to open the dreaded email: Using Names of Real CompaniesMake the email appear it is “from” an actual employeeURLs that look right but are really spoofedUrgent messages that your accounts is at risk, your package cannot be sent or that there has been suspicious activity detected on your account.Read:”Phishing” Fraud: How to Avoid Getting Fried by Phony PhishermenThe article goes on to suggest ways to protect yourself and your business from phishing attempts. The article is a good read and worth the time.

Here are a few more tips for you and your team to consider: Be aggressive in updating all software, regularly backing up your data so you do not feel beholden to paying a ransom if your system is infected.Hold regular education sessions and training with all employees to cover new threats.Remind your staff to be skeptical when reading, opening, or clicking suspicious emails.

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