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Caution with Process Servers Urged

July 28, 2020


Health Law Attorneys

In order to properly serve legal papers on a provider, they must be handed directly to him/her, or to an 18 years old at their home address.  Hospitals and Clinic administrative offices are accustomed to accepting the papers from the server (Sheriff or process server) for the hospital and/or clinic. However, your staff needs to be careful not to take papers relating to a provider unless (1) you are certain the provider is still employed by the Hospital/Clinic and (2) The provider has confirmed that he/she prefers the administrative offices accept the paperwork from the server. OTHERWISE, they should be very clear to the server that they do not have authority to accept the paperwork for any individual provider. If you have any questions relating to health law issues, or the legal boundaries of serving legal papers, please contact the Shuttleworth & Ingersoll Health Law Team at 319-365-9461. You can read more about our Health Law legal services by visiting our Health Law practice section.


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