Employer OSHA Representation for a Workplace Death or Serious Injury

Employer OSHA Investigation Hotline

Employers: has someone passed away or been seriously injured from an accident at your workplace? Our condolences to the injured or deceased and their family. Important: Always contact emergency services (dial 911) in the immediate aftermath of a dangerous workplace incident when medical attention is required.

Call the number 1-877-236-6742 anytime, day or night, to immediately talk to an attorney to discuss the possibility of OSHA representation as an employer for a workplace death or serious injury.


OSHA Representation for Employers

As an employer, there are a lot of questions to answer in a short period of time when someone is seriously injured or there is an accidental death in your workplace. The ensuing OSHA investigation may take months to complete, but will begin immediately. Representation from an experienced attorney at Shuttleworth & Ingersoll can help you manage the process of reporting the incident to OSHA and preparing for the impending OSHA investigation.

Reporting work-related fatalities in Iowa to OSHA

Iowa employers must report work-related fatalities to Iowa OSHA within 8 hours. An investigation may start immediately.

Reporting work-related serious injuries in Iowa to OSHA

In the event of a serious injury such as an amputation, the loss of an eye, or any injuries requiring in-patient hospitalization, Iowa employers must report to Iowa OSHA within 24 hours of occurrence. An investigation may start immediately.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll and OSHA Investigations

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll is a law firm based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We regularly represent clients in OSHA investigations following death or serious injury; in this moment of crisis working with an attorney who has been through this process multiple times will eliminate uncertainty and allow you to concentrate on more important matters. Depending on your location and the nature of the incident, an attorney will make immediate plans to travel to the site of the accident to prepare for the OSHA investigation.

Call 1-877-236-6742 now to immediately talk with a Shuttleworth & Ingersoll attorney to discuss the possibility of representation.

Note: By calling 1-877-236-6742, you are requesting information. That information is not legal advice. Legal advice can only be given after an attorney-client relationship has been established. Calling this number does not establish an attorney-client relationship nor create any duty on the part of Shuttleworth & Ingersoll to you the caller.