Insurance Law

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll attorneys provide experienced legal counsel and representation to insurance companies on a wide range of sophisticated legal matters. Our insurance attorneys have represented clients in a wide variety of professional liability cases, products liability cases, personal injury cases, premises liability cases, property damage cases, breach of contract actions, uninsured or underinsured claims, and wrongful death actions.

Our firm provides insurance defense litigation and case management services in each of the state courts throughout Iowa and in all of the Iowa federal courts. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in reviewing liability, property and casualty, life and health insurance policies or contracts and providing advice or opinions on various insurance coverage issues. The firm has developed the experience and sophistication in this area to advise clients on these coverage decisions and take the issues to litigation, if necessary.

Our insurance attorneys have successfully defended numerous claims for both individuals and corporations, and have extensive trial experience in both State and Federal Courts. Our attorneys are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution, and have reached beneficial settlements for our clients in a great deal of insurance cases through both mediation and arbitration.

Attorneys Who Specialize in Insurance Law

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John M. Bickel (319) 731-2363
Jace T. Bisgard (Chair) (319) 365-9461
Richard S. Fry (319) 365-9461
Richard C. Garberson (319) 365-9461
Vincent S. Geis (319) 365-9461
Allison M. Heffern (319) 731-2215
Tricia L. Hoffman-Simanek (319) 365-9461
Robert D. Houghton (319) 365-9461
Samuel E. Jones (319) 731-2359
Megan Merritt (319) 731-2366
Steven J. Pace (319) 365-9461
Jennifer E. Rinden (319) 731-2378
Kristymarie Shipley (319) 365-9461