Banking and Finance Law

The Shuttleworth & Ingersoll attorneys in the Financial Institutions Practice Area represent various types of financial institutions, including banks, holding companies and credit unions. We represent clients on the full spectrum of issues affecting financial institutions, including mergers and acquisitions, reverse stock splits, lending and deposits, commercial transactions, workouts, and regulatory compliance. We counsel clients with respect to organization and structure of the institution, regulatory compliance, letters of credit, leasing arrangements, loan transactions, participations, loan collections, foreclosure, collection replevin, receivership and related matters. The firm also advises financial institutions on a range of other legal issues, including securities, taxation, employment, environmental, public finance, benefits, real estate, intellectual property and trade regulation.

Sub-Practice Groups

Attorneys Who Specialize in Banking and Finance Law

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William J. Daly (319) 731-2224
Laurie L. Dawley (319) 731-2371
John H. Ehrhart (319) 365-9461
Richard S. Fry (319) 365-9461
Wesley B. Huisinga (Chair) (319) 731-2204
Samuel E. Jones (319) 731-2359
Linda M. Kirsch (319) 365-9461
Dennis J. McMenimen (319) 731-2302
William P. Prowell (319) 365-9461
Marty L. Stoll (319) 365-9461